Director: April Dobbins 
Producers: April Dobbins, Moira Griffin, and Trevite Willis
Director of Photography: Barrett Dennison
Camera Operators: Isaac Mead-Long, Andrea Garcia Marquez, Sam Koay, Adam Forrester
Sound Recordists: Kawame Davis, Enzy Cruz
Assistant Editor: Sara Wasserman
Three generations of black women explore their very different ties to this place that shaped them and continues to exert a strange hold on their identities. This is the same plot of land that their ancestors once worked as slaves—a history that is important to their identities and to how they navigate the world.

Although the film is still in production, the project has been selected as a Sundance Institute Documentary Fund and Stories of Change Grantee.  In addition it has also received Cannonball Miami's WaveMaker grant, Sundance Institute Knight Fellowship, Firelight Media Documentary Lab Fellowship, Ellie Creators Award, Fork Film Fund grant, Southern Documentary Fund grant, and the ITVS Diversity Development Fund.
As assistant editor I created the organizational structure, ingested footage, synced cameras, and transcribed interviews and verite footage. I also edited two original verite scenes for potentital funders to better understand the concept of the upcoming film.
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