“What happened is a lesson that is not only the Flint, Michigan. Many communities have been neglected and the common denominator is that the poor get the shaft."
 Fayette County is a poor, rural, white community in West Virginia. Residents are fighting against the legacy of PCB contamination and new forms of contamination like the disposal of toxic fracking waste.
California's air is the most polluted in the U.S. And the combination of power plants, a superfund site, landfills, and pesticide exposure has helped put Oxnard in the 90th percentile for asthma rates in the state. That's why residents have come together to fight for their right to clean air. 

Executive Producer: Michelle Nash
Producers: Lena Jackson and Miguel Endara
Cinematographer and Editor: Miguel Endara
Editor: Sara Wasserman
Production Assistant: Elisa Gutierrez
Graphics and Title Designer: Angelica Baini
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