"We never try to describe our sound because we feel like it doesn't enter one specific box. It's just the Ibeyi box." French-Cuban twins Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz of Ibeyi breakdown their new hit song with Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez.
Executive Producer: Michelle Nash
Producers: Lena Jackson and Miguel Endara
DP/Editor: Miguel Endara
Editor: Sara Wasserman
Assistant Editor: Gabriel Vega
Title Design: Grace Berrios
Sound Engineer: Matt Cohn
Inspired by Black Lives Matter, Chicano Batman is confronting police brutality head on in their new hit song, La Jura. "You can’t sing something so powerful and so strong without meaning it." 
Afrobeat, reggae, dub, country western, classic rock, americana, soul, and funk make up the unique sounds of Sinkane. Watch Ahmed Gallab perform his latest hit, “Passenger.” 
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