Hollywood producer Will Packer talks about the systemic changes that need to happen in Hollywood.
"If you're not in the room when decisions are being made...there is no way that that group is going to be able to make decisions that are truly reflective of this country." - Will Packer
Executive Produer: Michelle Nash
Senior Producer: Allie Jaynes
Producer: Lena Jackson
Producer: Elisa Gutierrez
Producer: Lacey Uhlemeyer
Producer: Wendi Jonassen
Videographer: John Regalado
Videographer: Matt Degreff
Videographer: Alfonso Solis
Videographer & Editor: Michael Ruiz-Unger
Editor: Sara Wasserman
Illustrator and Animator: Angelica Baini
Illustrator: Jimmy Kalman
Animator: Raul Avila
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