Only 13% of engineers in the U.S. are women. Submarine pilot Erika Bergman has a plan to change that. She's the founder of GEECs, a camp that teaches girls around the world to build and pilot their own underwater robots. Erika's often the only woman on her submarine trips, so she's hoping to train the next generation of badass female engineers and explorers.
These 6 young women at MIT are creating a device that could be a game-changer for blind people: it converts text to Braille in real time. Only about 10% of blind Americans can read Braille, even though knowing it can significantly increase their job opportunities. Team Tactile hopes their device can make Braille more accessible for millions of blind people—allowing them to read any book they want.

Executive Producer: Michelle Nash
Senior Producer: Allie Jaynes
Producer and Editor: Danny Beard
Cinematography: Danny Beard
Editor: Sara Wasserman
Graphics: Angelica Baini
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